Verso Oltremare (Screwed and Chopped), 2017

Agglomerated foam, kinbaku rope, snap hook, eye screws.

An alternative version of Verso Oltremare, sculpture by Giovanni Anselmo, divided into three copies. Brought to light by the musical practice of scrwed and chopped the intention produce a distorted and traumatic sculptural echo of the original work (which fell down on a visitor in January 2016 at the Mamco – located opposite the Centre d’art contermporain – while I was a member of the supervisory staff on the very same floor.) Therefore, three soft monoliths, both restraint and maintained tensed by the purple rope, replay in a relatively grotesque way the initial work arrangement and its material. Beside this set of references, the rope, the knots, without neglecting the different qualities of torsions operated on agglomerated foam, refer all to Shibari practice. Those forms whose harmfulness was defused are maintained in equilibrium, as if they were stuck in the temporality of an ineluctable fall, which they will not, nonetheless, ever activate.

One More Time (text)

Sculptures were made with the technical complicity of Daniel Maszkowicz.

© – Christelle Jornod.

Translation: Cassiane Pfund.