Sport & Divertissement, 2019

@ Offhause Museum (Swiss Art Awards 2019), Basel.

This exhibition articulates the projects After Ecstasy (Jet Lefuel)«At least we still have the Venice Biannale» and After Ecstasy on the three upper floors of the Offhause Museum. For this context, four elements of the series After Ecstasy are shown in a singular configuration.

All these projects are built upon cultural objects from an ancient European fascination (the Spirit of Ecstasy and a modified Olympic Games medal). They remotely charge the Offhause Museum with an explicitly Greco-Latin cultural imprint. The title of the exhibition, although set in the singular, is borrowed from the cycle of twenty-one short piano pieces by Erik Satie, a musician whose works sometimes refer to antiquity, not without humor.

Sport & Divertissement also dialogues with the context of federal grants, within which the Offhause Museum is set.

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From the 10th to the 16th June, 2019.

© Baptiste Coulon.

Thanks to Yusuke Yamamoto Offhause, Elodie Wismer, Tayeb Kendouci, Marine Kaiser, and Paul Lannes.

Translation: Tarik Lazouni.