Ruga del leone, 2019

Acrystal Aqua resin, stainless steel, silicone tube, pump, acrylic glass.

Three fountain masks, which are based on certain Bocca di Leone in Venice and the surrounding area. These were inlaid in the public space and served, in the 14th century, as a state apparatus for various secret denunciations. The banknotes were placed in their mouths, as with a letterbox. Each one of them holds a singular shape that seems to tell its own story. These high reliefs here become fountains whose water flows through their mouths. Only the title gives a clue as to their original context (in fact, the lion’s wrinkle is one of expression, appearing between the eyebrows when it frowns). This series of sculptures is shown for the first time in Lugano, a city located in the Italian part of Switzerland.

Modelling of two clay positives: Charlotte Teasdale.

© – Muriel Heidiger

Thanks to Harold Bouvard, Alessandro Di Pietro, Marine Kaiser, Tayeb Kendouci, Paul Lannes, Materiuum, Sonnenstube, and Spazio Morel.

Translation: Tarik Lazouni.