Mimetic Polyalloy, 2018

Vinyl stickers.

Several printed transparent vinyl stickers are arranged on either side of the showcase of the exhibition space (Grande Surface, an artist run space in Brussels). They work like stained glass, filtering the light. Depending on the variations of the light, the perception of the superimposition of the images fluctuates organically. The images are close-ups of the After Ecstasy project by Anastasia Mityukova using silver film.

Mimetic Polyalloy is the name of the fictitious alloy used in the Terminators, which are capable of changing shape in a fluid manner. The group exhibition, Le Vertige, conceived by Pauline Bordaneil, explores the notion of the ghost in the practices of different artists: Angelique Aubrit, Alexandre Barré and Thibault Barré, Juliet Davis and Stephanie Vivier, as well as Nicholas Goudket.

© – Romain Duhamel.

From the 11th to the 28th October 2018

@ Grande Surface, Brussels.

Thanks to Pauline Bordaneil, Anastasia Mityukova, Marine Kaiser, Paul Lannes, and Tayeb Kendouci.

Translation: Tarik Lazouni.