Le Bisou, 2017

In collaboration with Marine Kaiser 

Polystyrene, wood, protective cover, upper fragment of the stone sculpture the Abondance by Joseph Witterwulghe (circa 1960).

Stealing attempt or vandalism ?

A tree fell down on the Abondance, the public sculpture by Joseph Witterwulghe. The statue is now broken into two pieces, precisely cut in bevel. The time of its indetermination, embrace the uncoupled fragment, putting his image into circulation : perform a transplant. Perform a transplant with the help of our polystyrene rootstock, that is the digested apple cloak in female lava with testicles. Dialogues between materials, photographs provide long-term engraftment.

With special thanks to the Centre Culturel d’Uccle, and in particular to Patrick Luypaert.

© – Camille Charleux & Romain Duhamel.

Translation: Cassiane Pfund.