Instant Pleasure (clitoris), 2017

Polystyrene, wood, polyester resin, magnets, duct tape, latex, acrylic paint, boat varnish.

Abstract modern sculptures disposed in public space often are massive, made out of sustainable material, and seem to claim for a certain visibility. Nevertheless, a few people pay attention to them, and only a fewer know the artist’s name. On one hand, the clitoris, in its complete anatomy, has been under-represented and unknown for a long time. This sort of anonymity resonates with the situation of modern sculptures in public space. For this particular reason I chose to work with poor materials : polystyrene, duct tape, latex (the ephemeral intervention is meant to last three weeks in total), and then to paint it in verdigris in the aim of evocating oxide bronze fatigue. Naturally, this specific intention is not trivial and participates, on its own scale, to the highlighting of the organ of pleasure…On the other hand, there is a playful dimension, because the abstract form becomes a concrete one only when the clitoris is made explicit. Considering the fact that many people do not know about the organ’s complete shape, the sculpture remains open to other projections.

At the invitation of Smallville 

© – Sebastien Verdon & Margot Roth

Marcel Mariotte provided logistical support for this sculpture to be made.

Bonus : Forever and Ever, Sebastien Verdon, 2017

Translation: Cassiane Pfund.