“At least we still have the Venice Biannale”, 2020

Chocolate patina bronze, edition of 7.

Assembly operation based on a replica of the medal from the Games of the 8th Olympiad of the modern era in Paris in the summer of 1924. Imagined by André Rivaud, the medal represented on its reverse side the tools of sculpture (mallet, punch and chisel) as a witness to the Olympic cultural programme. Indeed, it included artistic competitions – painting, sculpture, literature, architecture and music – between 1912 and 1948. However, there is some ambiguity about the meaning of these forms: perhaps it is only a polo mallet, a javelin and an oar?

The sculpture produced in bronze has only one figurative side where the same original fragment is multiplied, generating a sort of geometric symbol. The title of the project comes from the conclusion of an article written by Henri Neuendorf: Painting for Gold Medals: When Art was an Olympic Discipline.”

© – Annik Wetter & Michel Giesbrecht

Merci à Elodie Collet.

Translation: Tarik Lazouni.