After Ecstasy, 2018

Serie of five sculptures, aluminium edition, radiator (s).

Soft, degenerated versions of the Spirit of Ecstasy, sculpture made by Charles Sykes in 1911 which constitutes the bonnet ornament on RollsRoyce cars. The statuette originally had a functional role : to clog the heater. On the first models, the shape of the radiator grille could evoke a Greek temple, and Skyes drew from the Victory of Samothrace to conceive his sculpture. In After Ecstasy, sculptures become abstract, biomorphic, genderfluid. Bases recall a previous state of the original artefact and play with an architectural domestic element often found in exhibition spaces.

© – Etienne Chosson, Paul Nicoué, Anastasia Mityukova, Annik Wetter & Vlad Potop.

With special thanks to Anastasia Mityukova, Aurélie Jacquet, Barbara Rickenmann, Cedric Fauq, Christian Gonzenbach, David Chojnacki, Damián Navarro, Elodie Wismer, Etienne Chosson, Juliet Lakhdari, Johana Blanc,  Marine Kaiser, Paul Lannes & Tayeb Kendouci.

Translation: Cassiane Pfund.